GLG Syndicated Report | Chinese Heart Valve Interventional Device Market Review and Outlook

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Chinese Heart Valve Interventional Device Market Review and Outlook: with focus on TAVR/TAVI, and high-level analysis of TMVR and TTVR

Drawing on the resources within GLG’s network of approximately 1 million experts, we have prepared a “China’s Heart Valve Interventional Device Market Review and Outlook” to offer an interpretation of the market situation.

GLG invited a senior healthcare consultant to conduct an in-depth analysis of survey responses by 30 senior HPs (healthcare professionals), as well as the results of in-depth one-on-one interviews with multiple clinical key opinion leaders on cardiac valves and consolidated the information into this report.

Major topics include:

  • Changes and trends in the penetration rate of TAVR/TAVI surgery from 2021 to 1H 2022 (including the impact of COVID-19)
  • Change in brand preference of high-value consumables for heart valve disease from the clinical point of view of HPs, product comparisons of major TAVR/TAVI device manufacturers (including Qiming, MicroPort, Peijia, Jiecheng, Edward, etc.), and future market trends
  • The substantial impact and trend of medical insurance and VBP (volume-based procurement) policies on the overall TAVR high-value consumables market
  • Unmet clinical needs in mitral and tricuspid valve disease and HPs’ expectations for the next three years

What will you learn from this report?

The key contents of the report include:

Change and trends analysis of TAVR/TAVI operation volume

  • TAVR/TAVI growth in 1H 2022 and forecast for full-year growth in 2022
  • The current penetration ratio of TAVR/TAVI surgery and predictions of future penetration potentials
  • Analysis of the drivers and barriers of TAVR/TAVI operation volume growth, especially medical insurance policy and the possibility of VBP, as well as clinical training

Trends in the use of TAVR/TAVI-related consumables and feedback from HPs

  • Compared with 2021 and 1H 2022, HPs’ change in brand selection of TAVR/TAVI-related consumable brands
  • The main factors that HPs consider when choosing TAVR/TAVI-related consumables, including safety, effectiveness, difficulty in operation, professional technical support, price, and other dimensions
  • Evaluation and comparison of different brands of consumables, according to the main consideration factors of HPs. The main brands covered include Jiecheng, Qiming, MicroPort, Peijia, Edward, Medtronic, etc.

Unmet clinical needs and three-year development expectations for minimally invasive mitral and tricuspid valve surgery

  • For mitral and tricuspid valve disease, the current unmet clinical needs of HPs and the anticipated treatment options
  • Current popularity and penetration of TMVR and TTVR
  • Development expectations for the next three years of TMVR and TTVR and related high-value consumables


The GLG Strategic Solutions Team drafted the questionnaire with the support of GLG Network Member Consultant.

The standard deliverable includes: 

  • 1 x PPT slides of key takeaways and highlights from the raw data.



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The GLG Surveys team drafted the questionnaire with the support of GLG Network Member consultant.

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