Virtually Discussing the Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains

Converting an In-Person Conference to a Corporate Webcast


After the COVID-19 outbreak in China, a supply chain team from a professional services client asked GLG to source a speaker to bring to a multi-client conference to discuss the impact of the novel coronavirus on supply chains. The conference was canceled as a safety precaution, and the client needed an alternative solution.

The GLG Approach

GLG converted the live conference into a virtual webcast. We sourced Network Member Steven Solomon, Former Director, Office of Antimicrobial Resistance at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to participate in the webcast. GLG worked with the client to ensure that its clients would still gain a valuable perspective on the topic.


The webcast accumulated an audience of more than 1,000 of the firm’s clients, who watched the presentation and audience Q&A. A post-webcast survey revealed that the session was critical for audience members and helped inform their understanding of the virus’s potential impact.

Why GLG?

GLG pivoted an in-person conference on the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains for its client’s clients to a virtual webcast with a former CDC expert.

Virtual Capabilities

GLG was well equipped to convert an in-person conference for its client to a virtual webcast at the scale needed.

Project Breadth

One virtual webcast with a Q&A session. The webcast hosted over 1,000 viewers.

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