Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry in India

Technical and Commercial Due Diligence from Global Experts


A leading global private equity firm was seeking a technical and commercial due diligence check of a target company in the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, they were looking to assess its development capability, portfolio selection, and manufacturing model, and map out a go-to-market model.

The GLG Approach

GLG identified multiple experts, all of whom held unique roles within the industry, to offer their diverse perspectives on the industry and the target company.

One of the experts worked closely with the client as an advisor to map out the target’s research and development capability and suggest improvements for formulation development. He reviewed the information provided to him about the target and suggested growth considerations and the way forward. He also made recommendations toward its existing processes relating to manufacturing facilities, R&D capability, and alliances.


The client gained a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical industry through insights provided by multiple experts while getting a detailed review of the target and its growth prospects from the advisor who collated the findings in a written report.

Why GLG?

A private equity firm engaged a team of experts through GLG to conduct due diligence on an Indian pharmaceutical company. The experts provided valuable insights on the industry and thoroughly evaluated the company’s R&D capability, manufacturing processes, and growth potential.

Global Network

Leveraging GLG’s vast global network, the client gained new perspectives of the pharmaceutical industry by having discussions with experts across the Indian, EU, U.S., and Southeast Asian markets.

Best Fit Expert

GLG was able to custom recruit an expert with over 35 years of experience to offer the desired expertise that could help the client assess the target and make important recommendations going forward.

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