Understanding the Market Dynamics Around Nerve Repair

Tapping the Perspectives of Physicians, Surgeons, and Hospital Administrators


A team at a consulting firm was working on behalf of a medical equipment company. They needed to understand the market dynamics surrounding nerve repair, nerve decompression/neurolysis, and procedures for the prevention of chronic post-amputation pain, as well as nerve decompression for treating diabetic neuropathy and ulcer prevention.

The GLG Approach

The research goal was to analyze purchasing behavior in this space to evaluate the value and price perception of four hypothetical medical device solutions for these procedures.

The team needed to first understand the current nerve repair surgery environment and identify unmet needs for their stakeholder. After this, they spoke with experts to assess the perceived value and price potential of each hypothetical solution, create their offer and pricing models for each solution, and identify any adoption barriers a new medical device would face.


Through extensive industry research and custom recruiting, the GLG team facilitated 36 calls, seven of which were custom sourced specifically for the project. GLG collaborated with the consulting team as a thought partner on an intricate project that involved much rescoping, pre-call preparation materials, and one-off follow-up calls.

Why GLG?

A client wanted to better understand the market dynamics for nerve damage treatment, and to evaluate the price perception of hypothetical medical device solutions. GLG facilitated 36 calls with physicians, surgeons, and hospital administrators with experience in nerve damage medical devices and treatment.

Thought Partner:

GLG acted as a thought partner to the consulting team throughout the project, collaborating on scope, pre-reads on calls, custom recruiting to find the exact expert matches required, and post-interview follow-ups.

Best-in-Class Population:

GLG’s extensive network gave the client access to niche healthcare populations of physicians, surgeons, and hospital administrators with experience in the treatment of peripheral nerve damage and the purchasing of medical devices in the space. Custom recruiting of additional experts ensured relevant and precise insights.

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