Understanding Customer Perspective on Contract Life Cycle Management Software

Insights into Buying Criteria and Vendor Selection


An Indian corporation wanted to understand their customers’ buying criteria for contract life cycle (CLM) software. They also wanted to uncover their reasons for choosing particular vendors over others.

The GLG Approach

Tapping into its million-plus expert network, GLG quickly identified a panel of sourcing and procurement experts who had purchased or managed CLM software for an online voice of customer survey. These were key decision makers for procuring CLM software in the client’s targeted industries: technology, media and telecom, consulting, healthcare and life sciences, industrial goods, consumer and retail, financial services, and the public sector.


The survey reached its desired sample size of 100 in five days. With that time frame, GLG completed three levels of quality checks to give the client the customer perspective that they could leverage to realign business strategies.

Why GLG?

GLG completed an online survey of heads of sourcing and procurement to gather insight into what influenced their buying decision on CLM software.

Mapping out voice of customer is difficult to accurately execute, but GLG makes this complex process simpler by taking advantage of its access to niche, uncommon expertise, which includes senior and high-caliber decision makers in CLM software procurement that the client was looking for.

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