Understanding Apple’s App Tracking Technology

Phone Consultation with Machine Learning and E-Commerce Experts


Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in 2021, which requires applications to ask permission before they can track the user’s activity across other apps and websites. GLG’s client wanted to learn how to measure the success of iOS campaigns post-ATT, how to calculate the metrics, as well as critical factors that impact budget allocation, and determine the limitations of SKAdNetwork, Apple’s privacy-centric application programming interface.

The GLG Solution

As the project focused on Asia, GLG’s local recruiting teams set out to find the best-fit experts for the client. The three experts recruited for phone call conversations included senior executives from major machine learning and e-commerce companies who were able to give incisive insights that met the client’s research goals. GLG’s local team also provided interpreters for these one on one phone calls to ensure smooth and effective communication.


Because GLG could identify experts that precisely met the client’s requirements, the client received region-specific insights that enhanced their understanding of the post-ATT iOS landscape.

Why GLG?

GLG matched the client with three best-fit experts for phone call consultations, delivering valuable insights into the post-ATT iOS landscape in Asia.

Local Recruiting Teams

GLG’s global network means there are local teams to identify the best-fit experts for the client while ensuring there is no language barrier during the recruitment or consultation process.

Meeting Specific Research Needs

GLG has the capability to customize any project to meet niche research needs for any geographical regions.

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