Uncovering Preferences and Needs in the Medical Scrubs Market

Leveraging Consultations and Surveys to assess the medical scrubs market


A public investor needed to accurately assess the medical scrubs market before making an investment decision. This included gathering insights from a variety of roles, demographics, and needs, alongside in-depth research into widely varying hospital protocols nationwide, that have become even more complicated in the wake of COVID-19.

The GLG Approach

GLG facilitated dozens of GLG Consultations with both current and former industry experts. The calls surfaced themes that the client needed to quantify across a wider range of customer and prospect segments.

To dig deeper, GLG surveyed nearly 1,000 healthcare professionals and affiliates to explore and quantify key preferences and experiences regarding medical scrubs, understand purchase drivers, and capture perceived gaps and trends in the marketplace.

Using this data, GLG helped the client develop and run a concept test to get reactions to new options in the market and key similarities and differences in preference across segments.


By combining multiple solutions, the research team was able to uncover insight backed by comprehensive data that helped inform the public investor before making an investment decision.

Why GLG?

Through a combination of GLG solutions, a public investor client was able to accurately assess market potential, quantify selection and preference drivers, and define differences between various target users.

Project Scope

Dozens of consultations with industry experts and nearly 1,000 healthcare professionals and affiliates in fields, including physicians and surgeons, nurses and technicians, dentist and hygienists, veterinarians and veterinary assistants, and med spa and estheticians.


Using survey findings, GLG developed and ran concept tests to identify purchase drivers and key preferences.

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