Testing Advertising Concepts for Shingles Vaccinations

Measuring the Effectiveness of Stimuli with a Global Panel of Primary Care Physicians


An agency was creating a global ad campaign for their client to promote shingles vaccinations. The agency wanted to investigate concepts that would instill a sense of urgency and motivate a global audience to get vaccinated.

The agency wanted to test their concepts with a panel of primary care physicians to make sure the message would resonate with their audience.

The GLG Approach

GLG worked with the agency to build a survey to present the ad concept variations to a panel of physicians. The survey format allowed the physicians to provide a detailed response to each advertisement and associated stimuli.

GLG surveyed 25 primary care physicians across the U.S., Brazil, China, Germany, Australia, and Spain to better understand the effectiveness of each campaign draft and to gather feedback in a measurable and engaging way.


The agency used the feedback gathered from the physician panel to compare their ad concepts and identify the most effective stimuli. This feedback informed the final ad copy they recommended to their client for a global vaccination campaign.

Why GLG?

GLG partnered with an agency to build and field a survey to a global panel of physicians to test the effectiveness of ad campaign concepts for a shingles vaccine.

Project Breadth:

One survey with 25 respondents

Precise Matches:

GLG used a broad reach among its expert network and a research provider partnership to field a global study of physicians across six countries.

Customized Approach:

GLG had the research expertise and capability to program a survey customized to the needs of the agency. The team programmed a survey that would effectively share advertising stimuli and capture thoughtful feedback from a physician panel.

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