Target Product Profile Assessment for Treatment of a Women’s Health Condition

Adopting a Product Through a BD&L Opportunity


A pharmaceutical firm had a potential BD&L opportunity that it was considering. To validate the value of this opportunity, it needed to understand the potential adoption of a product for the treatment of a women’s health condition among obstetricians and gynecologists, specifically in the EU.

The GLG Approach

Wanting to evaluate the current landscape, GLG fielded a quantitative survey to uncover patient demographic and current treatment decisions.

Once the current landscape was set, the team showed the target audience the specifications for a new treatment. Given the assumption that it would be approved for use and fully reimbursed, respondents were asked the likelihood of their prescribing the product and with what frequency.

The team showed the respondents a second set of specifications for two additional products and asked them about the likelihood and frequency of prescription, assuming all three products were available.

The data gave an indication of potential success of the new treatment in a future landscape where more treatment options would be available.


In a two-week time frame GLG provided the pharma client with a quantified report about the potential adoption of the product, which helped the client derive the value of the acquisition and make the strategic decision whether to proceed.

Why GLG?

GLG used internal methodology expertise to design the study around the overarching aims of the project.

Quality Insights
GLG utilised specialist physicians to hear from key decision makers regarding future prescription intention.

Project Breadth
GLG gathered insights from 100 physicians across Europe.

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