TPP testing ensures you’re working on the right thing at the right time

Because market needs, regulation, and pain points evolve rapidly, the risk of investing resources into unneeded or overly challenging drug products increases. TPP testing research provides the unbiased market feedback that helps you understand if a new product will match an unmet need, resonate with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, and impact the current treatment paradigm.

TPP removes uncertainties along your drug development life cycle

Innovations involve significant financial and time investment and are inevitably accompanied by risk. Nevertheless, when uncertainties are swiftly anticipated, and minimised, this risk is manageable. Will your treatment meet a critical need? Will HCPs and patients value and use your treatment? Will public healthcare agencies fund your drug? Using a TPP to test the value proposition of your drug can give you the insight to justify further clinical and commercial investments.

Apply HCP insight to refine and optimise the development strategy for your current and future drug portfolio

By testing your TPP with HCPs, you can clarify your value proposition’s top strengths and weaknesses and evaluate overall market potential. Which TPP characteristics excite HCPs? What are key patient profiles where it will be most useful? Where should it be positioned in the treatment paradigm? First-hand feedback provides the insight you need to adapt your drug portfolio expansion, development strategy, and commercial plan.


Why GLG?

GLG’s TPP testing methodology is specifically designed for the assessment of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Our approach reflects how key stakeholders evaluate new drug concepts and actual products, considering both pros and cons to drive further strategic decisions.

Our global network provides rapid access to approximately 1 million experts, including more than 180,000 across the entire healthcare value chain, and their most important influencing factors.


Spotlight: Find out how GLG helped a global pharmaceutical company test a new concept by integrating the best of qualitative and quantitative research. Download the case study here.

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If you need to validate your value proposition at speed, GLG can help guide the way. We will execute your survey and, in less than a month, deliver results though an online dashboard. Your personal research experts will lead you through the entire process.