Surveying to Capture Views of Leading Aerospace Industry Executives

Understanding the challenges facing the industry


A client team was researching key people challenges facing the aerospace industry. They wanted to better understand what was currently impacting the industry and how companies based in Europe might evolve over time.

They needed to gather strategic data through industry leaders to understand pain points that companies face involving talent management. This team was also new to executing B2B surveys and wanted some guidance on how to best achieve their research goals.

The GLG Approach

The client team wanted to survey 100 top executives in the aerospace industry to gain the deepest insight, so GLG sourced 100 executives with experience strategizing HR functions in Europe. This panel covered the geographies requested by the client, which encompassed more than 10 countries. GLG partnered with the client team to design the survey to best answer the client’s questions and facilitated the survey with end-to-end completion in 10 days.


The client gained a better understanding of issues facing the HR function in the aerospace industry across Europe and identified trends that could change the industry in the future. Upon completion, the client highlighted that the results were broadly aligned with industry data and affirmed their hypotheses. They received everything they wanted out of the survey and had no suggested areas of improvement from this experience.

Why GLG?

A client team used a quantitative survey to connect with executives in the defense industry in Europe to understand key HR issues and trends.

Project Breadth

One hundred industry executive survey respondents. End-to-end survey completion in 10 days.

Precise Matches

The client needed insights from at least 100 executives across Europe covering the aerospace industry. GLG and its trusted panel partners tapped into their networks to precisely match the expertise required and deliver a well-rounded perspective to the client.

Dynamic Format

The survey was conducted online and through CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) facilitated by GLG to get the client real-time, collaborative insights within stipulated timelines and budget.

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