Reviewing the Indian Adhesives Market and Exploring Avenues for Growth

Understanding Market Stickiness Potential Before Entry


An Indian multinational conglomerate wanted to enter the Indian adhesives market and sought a thorough understanding from both B2B and B2C standpoints.

The GLG Approach

Tapping its network of more than 900,000 Network Members, GLG identified five subject matter experts for in-depth phone consultations. They helped the client understand the adhesive market landscape and value chain, while offering insights about the relative attractiveness of the different focus segments, market growth, and potential challenges.

One of these experts then compiled an in-depth report that covered all the critical market aspects related to the focus segments, including growth potential and forecasts.


The GLG team presented an analysis of the market and industry-level metrics including benchmarks against which to measure top companies, also outlining growth projections, best practices, and key prerequisites to succeed, including potential avenues for global partnership.

The report helped the client develop a business case for board approval.

Why GLG?

GLG’s report predicted a largely favorable market reception to the client’s vision and narrowed down the leading segments and subsegments with their relative attractiveness to help draw a clear road map for entry and growth.

Best-in-Class Project Lead

A veteran in the adhesives space, who was familiar with the market landscape and industry value chain and could offer perspectives of the leading players, compiled of the report.

Custom Recruiting

GLG engaged experts who combined knowledge of key categories and applications in the adhesives market with strategic industry insights.

Project Breadth

Five adhesive industry specialists in India with extensive experience across various segments gave phone consultations and joined the team that synthesized findings for the final report.

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