Revenue-Generating Opportunities to Reduce Greenhouse Gas in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gaining insights into lowering emissions while facilitating growth


An investment management firm sought to identify revenue-generating opportunities that could reduce greenhouse gas footprints for the companies in its oil and gas portfolio. Specifically, it wanted to map potential revenue streams and incentive schemes and learn about government initiatives, EU carbon credits, industry mechanisms, sustainable financing, and success cases of green revenues in the industry.

The GLG Solution

Within three weeks, GLG conducted interviews with 15 Network Members who were executives at government and regulatory bodies as well as experts in energy transition and carbon emission regulations.

In addition to these interviews, GLG utilized published reports, industry association releases, and publicly available government databases to provide quality insights.


In addition to providing a written report outlining key findings and insights, the GLG team gave presentations to the client at various project milestones. The team also held a sustainability workshop with the portfolio companies to discuss research implications and practical applications.

Why GLG?

GLG conducted research into the latest government policies and industry practices for the client to understand how oil and gas companies can explore new revenue streams while cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.

Best-in-Class Project Lead

A former senior engagement manager at a leading consulting firm with rich experience in the energy industry, as well as primary and secondary research, helped steer the project and interpret findings.

A Team of Experts

GLG guaranteed quality insights by appointing a sustainability and energy transition expert as project advisor and an ESG and impact investing executive as project director.

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