Retail Consumer Packaging Survey

Understanding Consumers’ Perception for E-Commerce


A CPG company wanted to learn more about consumers’ perception of packaging for e-commerce and retail products. They wanted to know how end consumers perceive packaging solutions for e-commerce items, what packaging options consumers prefer, the features to improve, and how much they are willing to pay for these features.

The GLG Approach

GLG’s survey team worked closely with the client throughout the project on the survey design, launch, and fielding to reach their target audience. The project team additionally analyzed the raw data and presented a summary of the insights they uncovered.


All individual responses were consolidated into an Excel file and formatted data tables of survey responses for every question delivered. In addition, the client received a customized report that included valuable consumer insight presented in charts, tables, key insights, and summaries.

Why GLG?

With GLG Surveys the client was able to uncover consumer perceptions of packaging for e-commerce and retail products.

Experienced Research Team:

GLG sourced our experienced survey team, with expertise in CPG e-commerce and retail, to come up with survey topics covering packaging, preferred packaging material, and disposal methods.


GLG identified and surveyed 1,000 of our subject-matter experts who specialize in e-commerce, a panel that also included fresh produce consumers who shop in-store or online, across the U.S. Screening criteria of consumers included those who have purchased snacks, e-commerce products, or fresh produce online or in-store in the past 30 days.

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