Rapidly Reengaging a CPG Marketing Survey Panel

GLG Relationships with Experts Allow for Continuous Panel Access


A consulting firm client approached GLG to re-execute a survey that was originally completed two years prior. In this first survey, the client wanted to hear from senior executives in marketing and agency roles who were either in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry or served clients in this industry.

Two years later, the client wanted to survey this audience again to ask some new questions and see how answers to previous questions have changed over time. They needed to understand key purchasing criteria when evaluating marketing partners, how success is measured from these partnerships, and what metrics are most important when measuring the ROI of campaigns.

The client was approaching a tight deadline and needed a similar breakdown of respondents to survey quickly and precisely.

The GLG Approach

GLG built on the former survey and made minor adjustments to allow for same-day programming execution and launch. GLG also tapped respondents from the original survey and added a few supplemental responses to reach 100N within the first 36 hours.

GLG delivered 109 respondents for the survey of marketers and agencies spanning the CPG and retail industries.


GLG delivered a 109N survey of marketers and agencies spanning the CPG and retail industries. Through the survey, the client gained insight into core needs and purchasing criteria of marketing and agency leaders in the CPG industry when it comes to evaluating marketing partners.

Why GLG?

GLG used advanced survey coding and our relationships with experts to support a partner at a consulting firm on an unexpected longitudinal survey of marketing and agency executives on a tight deadline.

Project Breadth

109N Survey (First 100N delivered in <36 hours)

Quick Turnaround

GLG leveraged a survey the client ran to this same panel two years prior to execute same-day coding. The initial 36 hours after launch yielded 100 responses.

Client Feedback

“Just wanted to drop a note to say I just had a great experience working with the team on a rapid turnaround survey about retail media. They were responsive, thoughtful, and were able to reactivate a former survey to get our survey turned around very quickly — it was a great experience, and we’ll certainly look forward to working with [them] again!” – Partner at a consulting firm

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