Optimising Service and Price for a B2B Sales Platform

Using Advanced Conjoint Analysis to Simulate Growth Scenarios


As part of a major service offer renovation, a client that operates an e-commerce platform for B2B buyers and sellers sought an experienced B2B research partner to test new features and service packages with existing and potential new customers. Given the importance of price in this market, it was crucial for our client to gain precise, actionable insight into their customers’ willingness to purchase.

The GLG Approach

Working with the client, GLG’s methodology experts developed a tailored research program, including a conjoint survey that dynamically adapted prices to each customer’s trading volume. Data analysis covered a discrete choice model and a latent class segmentation of customers. Both techniques were integrated into one process, resulting in segments with clearly differentiated feature preferences and willingness to pay.


GLG delivered a decision support tool that allowed the client team to simulate current and hypothetical new service and price scenarios. Users of the tool could design new products, change prices, and simulate product preference among customer groups.

This Conjoint survey with GLG has met all our expectations. The results have been extremely valuable for our business planning.

Senior Global Pricing Manager


Why GLG?

Best-in-class Population

GLG uses the world’s largest network of senior decision makers to access the right customer profiles and thus establish the true value of products/services.

Applied Methodology

GLG used a suite of advanced choice-based methods to collect high-quality data. We provided a structured framework to derive the right insights from customer data, and we gave precise, quantified answers to our client’s “what-if” questions.

Advanced Analytics Expertise

Senior experts provided design recommendations and market simulator walkthroughs. GLG brought more than 15 years of choice modeling experience across sectors.

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