How Do IT Decision Makers Choose Cloud Services?

Uncovering unmet market needs to expand across public, private, and hybrid cloud.


A global technology client wanted to improve its go-to-market strategy. They sought to understand how IT leaders at public, private, and hybrid cloud service providers within SaaS companies perceived its own and its competitors’ offerings. They also sought to understand general market trends and the decision-making processes of buyers.

The client needed to quickly uncover unmet customer needs in this highly technical B2B market, which is subject to fast-changing technical requirements and a specialized customer base.

The GLG Solution

GLG staffed a market research expert and former IBM executive as the lead on the project.

Additionally, GLG recruited 40 IT leaders with deep experience at cloud-based companies to serve as a panel for qualitative interviews, matching each leader against the client’s required criteria.

The market research expert worked with the client to design research questions that revealed key factors influencing IT spending decisions.


The insight the client received from this project gave them the clarity to focus their strategic analysis on key areas of their business, saving time and money.

Why GLG?

The study’s insights enabled the client to set achievable sales targets, allocate their resources, and diversify their offering.


GLG staffed the project lead, a former IBM executive with real-world expertise growing SaaS business units

Custom Recruiting

GLG identified 40 IT decision makers, executives including CIOs, CTOs, and SVPs, to offer input via qualitative interviews

Project Breadth

GLG conducted 40 expert moderated in-depth interviews, and created a final report that enabled the client to better target their go-to-market strategy

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