How COVID-19 Impacts Diagnostic Testing

Understanding How the Pandemic Influences Demand for Lab Diagnostic Products


COVID-19 disrupted regular lab operations. Although demand for molecular testing equipment increased almost immediately after the outbreak, our client did not have insight into how its broader portfolio of diagnostic equipment would be impacted. They turned to GLG looking to understand the timeline for the demand of these products to return to normal levels, as well as how to best allocate company resources during the pandemic.

The GLG Approach

GLG partnered with the client to field a survey to 416 clinical testing professionals — lab directors, lab managers, etc. — in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, and South Africa. The project team also analyzed the results of the survey and put together a report that identified current and future customer demand for various tests, as well as why there were roadblocks for other tests.


The results and analysis of the survey helped our client focus its energy and monetary resources on the right products. It also helped our client’s sales team anticipate demand for molecular testing and other products so that the company could better position itself against its competition.

Why GLG?

GLG conducted a global survey of 416 individuals with oversight of clinical testing so that our client could understand how COVID-19 would impact demand for lab equipment.

Best-in-Class Populations:

The GLG Network is truly global, which allowed us to provide our client with a significant number of lab directors from around the world, a difficult-to-reach population.

Full-Service Delivery:

After understanding the customer’s need, the GLG Surveys team designed the survey and sourced the panelists, while the project team provided in-depth analysis of the results.

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