Global Innovation Scanning Exercise for a Japanese Multinational Pharmaceuticals Player

Supporting innovation planning for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare-related products.


The Japanese client’s teams were looking to create new business, focusing on their core technology, and needed external research support to better understand the potential market segments.

The GLG Approach

The client partnered with GLG for a three-month research study that included primary interviews with 15 custom-recruited industry experts with life sciences/biotechnology backgrounds, together with deep desk research to corroborate the project findings.

The study consisted of four phases, beginning with a bottom-up approach to produce a long list of market segments, followed by prioritizing the top three segments relevant to the client for supply chain mapping, and lastly, a targeted short list of potential partners for future collaboration and M&A activities.

The engagement was led by two senior-level independent consultants specializing in innovation, new business development, technology acquisition, product development, intellectual property management, and technical organizational development.


The GLG engagement team shared deliverables throughout the project that included synthesized reports and detailed Excel spreadsheets with market opportunity mapping using an established set of criteria and supply chain maps before arriving at conclusions/recommendations to set up a new CDMO business.

Why GLG?

GLG provided deep-dive research and project management support by leading the engagement with custom-recruited experts in the life science/biotechnology space, complete with a series of synthesized reports.

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth

GLG designed the end-to-end project engagement and research methodology for the client, conducted in–depth interviews, performed comprehensive literature review, and delivered phased reports with qualitative and quantitative insights over a 12-week-long consulting engagement.

Actionable Insights from Subject Matter Experts

GLG complemented primary interviews with the project team’s decades of knowledge/experience of assisting companies on biosimilars, vaccines, specialty pharmaceuticals, etc.

Virtual Extension of Your Team

The GLG experts acted as an extension of the client’s virtual team to speed up workflows and avoid biased internal research efforts.

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