Flash Survey: Industry Analysis on Employee Learning Software

Targeting IT Decision Makers at $1 Billion+ Companies


The client came to GLG late on a Sunday looking to launch a flash survey within 24 hours and have final data in 72 hours. It was conducting research on a software company and needed to hear from a precise population of roles within a selection of the company’s clients.

The GLG Approach

GLG scoped the project and shared feasibility with the client in fewer than 12 hours. We sourced the population from a targeted list of more than 200 brands across 10 different industries.

The GLG team worked with the client to finalize the survey draft, program the survey, and launch it after 24 hours. The team closed the survey within 72 hours and gave the data to the client.


With its global team of experienced project managers, GLG delivered critical insights and a high-quality experience in a compressed time frame. GLG sourced responses from more than 50 IT decision makers.

Why GLG?

In 72 hours, GLG scoped an industry research project, finalized the survey draft, and programmed and fielded a survey, delivering responses from more than 50 IT decision makers within a compressed time frame.

Speed and Focus

GLG provided insights in 72 hours from the initial request.

Project Breadth

1 Flash survey
50+ IT executive respondents, including CIOs, CTOs, and SVPs

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