Expanding Financial Access in Underserved Communities

Connecting Social Impact Partner Kiva with Corporate Social Responsibility Experts


Kiva is a global nonprofit that crowdfunds loans and unlocks capital from individuals, investors, and corporations to expand financial access in underserved communities. The organization recently sought to better understand the perspectives of corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals who oversee the social impact strategies of their companies to help advance mutual goals.

The GLG Approach

Through GLG, Kiva spoke with CSR professionals in banking, healthcare, marketing, insurance, tech, and other industries. The experts shared their perspectives on key elements of CSR, including its purpose, ongoing challenges and trends, commonly used technology and tools, and how CSR intersects with employee engagement and other social impact strategies.


The expert conversations helped Kiva’s product and design team understand the challenges and market dynamics facing CSR leaders. They also received feedback on early prototypes, enabling the team to identify and advance the most valuable features in their pipeline.

Why GLG?

GLG experts helped Kiva better understand the perspective of CSR professionals, helping them advance their product research and mission to reach more individuals with crowdfunded financial support.

On-Demand Expertise:

Kiva connected with GLG’s experts quickly and efficiently, scheduling its team to speak with three experts within a few hours.

Diverse Perspectives:

GLG provided Kiva with a diverse range of industry perspectives – spanning banking, healthcare, marketing, insurance, tech, and more – to ensure a comprehensive view of CSR.

Impactful Outcomes:

“These expert conversations really propelled forward important product research and innovation work that will meaningfully advance our mission.” – Senior Director of Product at Kiva

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