Due Diligence on the Indian Payments Market

Getting a Holistic View of the Industry and Assessing Potential Investment


A leading Asian private equity firm sought to assess a company operating in the payments space in India, as well as mapping out the point-of-sale payments market and identifying potential growth opportunities.

The GLG Approach

GLG facilitated more than 15 calls with highly qualified experts sourced from the GLG network to help the client understand the varying perspectives across the Indian payments industry. GLG also applied Talent on Demand to identify an expert who is a veteran in the space to work alongside the client as a short-term advisor. In addition to helping with the calls, the advisor reviewed materials pertinent to the topic provided by the client and created a comprehensive report.


The client gained a thorough understanding of the payments landscape and competitive dynamics. Informed by the deep insight they gained into the industry, the client formed a decision-making strategy for the potential investment.

Why GLG?

Best-Fit Experts

GLG quickly connected the client with qualified, best-fit experts from its deep network. With GLG, the client engaged with expertise both in direct calls and through GLG’s Talent on Demand offering, including an expert along the research journey as an advisor and extension of their team. All experts were screened and vetted by GLG to ensure the client received the most relevant and in-depth insights.

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