Development Trends of Global Organic Chemicals Market

Global Voice of Customer Survey to Inform Client on Portfolio Expansion


The client, a large-scale Japanese industrial conglomerate, commissioned GLG to survey the organic materials segment to better understand the needs of global B2B customers. The study aimed to understand product development trends that involve organic chemicals — including plastics, resins, composites, and hybrids — and their role in relevant end-use industries.

The GLG Approach

The client needed a thorough analysis to assess the potential impact of its product portfolio expansion efforts globally. GLG launched an online B2B customer survey to understand customer issues and unmet needs. Around 200 global executives from different industry segments participated in the study.

In less than four weeks, an agile team of industry experts — part of GLG’s extensive network of more than 900,000 Network Members — executed the research and compiled the data into a detailed report.


The result was a detailed 90-page executive-level report presenting the B2B customer survey findings with an outline of how organic chemicals are being integrated into the automotive supply chain and other relevant industries.

Why GLG?

GLG’s network allowed the team to survey a niche global customer about its needs to support the client’s decision making about the growth of its portfolio.


A former Euromonitor market researcher acted as the project associate, bringing deep knowledge in areas of corporate strategy, technology, and innovation. The associate was supported by a project expert advisor with more than 30 years of experience in the composites industry.

Project depth:

Two hundred global online survey participants across multiple industries.

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