Customer Voice Research: 3D Design Engine

Identifying users and their decisions for deeper insights into consumer habits


A leading private equity firm in Asia was considering investing in a 3D design engine and wanted to conduct voice of customer (VoC) research on users and decision makers of the design engine to assist in its investment decisions.

The GLG Solution

GLG recommended a senior consultant and selected industry experts for in-depth insight into the factors that influenced their choice of platform, preferences for different modules and payment methods, and continuing needs.


Within three weeks, the GLG team delivered a summary report identifying key considerations, needs, and pain points of decision makers in various industries, as well as their opinions of other platforms. The report also highlighted each platform’s capabilities and features, how they might influence user decisions, and users’ willingness to pay for specific features.

Why GLG?

In just three weeks, GLG conducted in-depth interviews with consumers in different industries around the world to gain valuable insights and provide strong support for clients’ investment decisions regarding 3D rendering software.

Global industry coverage

GLG has a rich network of global industry experts, enabling clients to access a range of perspectives across geographies and industries.

Customized expert recommendation

GLG matches the specific needs of each project with an expert industry consultant. The lead consultant in this case had helped the world’s top private equity fund conduct investment research and due diligence. GLG’s consultants also have participated in investment research and due diligence for the 3D design engine industry.

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