Competitive Analysis of the Vertical Construction Industry in the U.S.

Market Study Focusing on Precision Instruments for Construction Industry


A Japanese construction equipment manufacturer sought to understand the sales and distribution networks, and pricing strategies of key competitors in the vertical construction market in the U.S. The study focused on precision instruments combined with 3D modeling software for better quality control while benchmarking other market players against architectural specifications and safety regulations.

The GLG Solution

Working with the management consulting company that represented the end client, GLG identified a Network Member to lead the project team, design the primary interview guide and survey questionnaire, review technical documents, and analyze the raw data gathered.

Additionally, GLG Research executed an online B2B customer survey sent to 105 dealers, distributors, and former industry executives. To augment the data with deeper insights, the team also conducted in-depth interviews with 11 current dealers and distributors of precision instruments with 3D modeling software.


The client was able to use GLG’s Network Member in a number of ways for this market study, from design to final analysis of raw data. After eight weeks of team effort, the client received the actionable insight needed to move forward.

Why GLG?

GLG facilitated a market study comprising an online survey and in-depth interviews with dealers, distributors, and executives in precision instruments for insights into the competitive landscape in the vertical construction industry in the U.S.

Expert-led Research

GLG identified a Network Member, a former director of sales and distribution at a leading construction equipment provider, who specialized in the distribution of precision positioning technology, to lead the study to ensure the quality of the insights.

Breadth of Network

GLG’s vast network of members meant that the right mix of industry representatives and experts contributed to the online survey and in-depth interviews.

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