Cloud Accounting Survey in Australia and New Zealand

Understanding Small-to-Medium Businesses’ Opinions on Accounting Software


A management consulting company in Australia came to GLG for insight into small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and accountants serving SMBs, both in Australia and New Zealand. GLG conducted a survey to help the client understand their usage of and opinions on various accounting software providers, and more specifically, their opinions on cloud accounting.

The GLG Solution

Having met their urgent timelines with high-quality insight from B2B surveys before, the client returned to GLG for this project. Within two weeks, GLG gathered 200 successful responses from SMBs, and an additional 50 responses from users of a popular accounting software in Australia over four business days that was added in the second week for more targeted insights.


Leveraging around-the-clock support, GLG Surveys was able to work 24/7 to enable the survey to go live in the field within days. The client received robust reporting that included real-time access and data extract in a raw Excel file.

Why GLG?

GLG helped a management consulting client run a B2B survey on accounting software and cloud accounting. Within two weeks, 250 responses from SMBs were gathered to give the client the required data for customized deliverables.

Unparalleled Network

GLG provides ready access to the desired population to hit the required sample size urgently. Overnight support also means speediness and responsiveness to deliver high-quality results within a tight timeline.

Trusted Partnership

GLG is able to attract repeat business because clients can act confidently on results, no matter the speed of delivery.

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