Balance Billing Legislation Due Diligence

Helping Investors Understand Evolving Legislation


In late 2019, Congress approved plans to end surprise medical billing (balance billing), which occurs when insurance companies bill patients for costs not covered by their insurer. Investors performing due diligence needed a better understanding of this legislation before investing in a medical evacuation (medivac) firm.

The GLG Solution

GLG connected investors with key executives in the medivac space along with a former state assemblyman and regulator. Over the course of 48 hours, investors held eight in-depth calls with these executives. GLG also facilitated an in-person roundtable with attorneys familiar with the legislation so investors could gain deeper insight.


The insights gained from GLG helped investors make a sound decision by giving them a comprehensive understanding of the legislation and how it would impact medivac firms.

Why GLG?

Within 48 hours, eight in-depth calls, and an in-person roundtable were held giving investors clarity about the impact of the legislation so they could make a smart investment decision.

Targeted Expertise

  • Eight in-depth calls with executives in the medical evacuation space, and a former state assemblyman and regulator
  • In-person roundtable with attorneys familiar with balance billing legislation

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