Bringing Local Journalism to Life in the World’s Least-Covered Regions

Helping Global Press, a GLG Social Impact Fellow, Operate in New Geographies


Global Press is creating a new source of global information by training and employing local female journalists to produce ethical, accurate news from the world’s least-covered regions. However, navigating the local regulations around press accreditation and tax requirements can be challenging without expert guidance.

The GLG Approach

Global Press reporters were facing unique logistical challenges on the ground in Puerto Rico, Nepal, and Uganda. GLG connected the Global Press team with experts in each country who could provide guidance on topics such as:

  • Navigating the local press credentials application process
  • The benefits and drawbacks of registering with government-run media councils
  • How to comply with rapidly changing tax requirements for contractors


After speaking with GLG experts, Global Press could navigate the local challenges and ensure their reporters could act safely and legally.


Photo Caption: Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal, is reporting in the field.

Photo Credit: Krista Kapralos.


Why GLG?

Calls with GLG experts were critical to Global Press’s efforts to operate their network of local female journalists in Puerto Rico, Nepal, and Uganda.

Dedicated Servicing Team:

GLG’s team worked with Global Press every step of the way, from understanding the problem to scheduling calls with our experts.

Global Expertise:

GLG’s global, diverse, and highly specialized network enabled us to find exactly the right localized expertise to answer Global Press’s questions.

Vital Part of the Workflow:

GLG expertise allowed Global Press to quickly overcome obstacles that would have taken twice as long otherwise.

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