Benchmarking Key Data Solutions for Due Diligence

Assessing the Use and Pain Points of Data Management Tools


A consulting team was helping their client conduct a market scan of the data management tools space. The team needed to identify key purchasing criteria and the largest pain points when selecting and using these tools at large-scale enterprises.

To benchmark key solutions, they had both exploratory questions and more targeted queries for employees at large-scale enterprises who have expertise on platform capabilities, purchasing and decision rights on software, and tactical experience with the implementation of these solutions.

The GLG Approach

The GLG team recommended a blended research approach to answer the consulting team’s questions. This started with expert calls so the team could speak 1:1 with employees who both used and implemented different data management solutions. We delivered experts across the  healthcare, technology, telecom, and financial services industries. Four experts were chosen for calls, each with more than 20 years of experience in IT roles and recent experience leading tech functions at large enterprises.

The GLG surveys and advanced analytics teams then designed a MaxDiff survey to arm the consulting team with data on key purchasing criteria and pain points of these tools. This type of survey would provide the client with an understanding of the relative importance of potential product features and help identify any gaps. This survey was fielded to senior decision makers with experience making purchasing decisions for these types of tools.


The client conducted four expert calls across different industry angles and received 130 surveyed perspectives from senior decision makers using the MaxDiff survey design. They used the insights gained from these experts to provide their client with an in-depth market scan by benchmarking tools in the data management space.

Why GLG?

Working as a one-stop shop, GLG assisted the client team by providing timely, precise matches; a global reach; and data to back qualitative insights.

Project Breadth

Four expert calls across industries and data management experiences.

One Max-Diff survey of 130 senior decision makers.

Best-in-Class Population

GLG’s extensive network gave the client access to customers of the exact types of data management tools they were researching, ensuring relevant insights.

Applied Methodology

GLG used a suite of advanced choice-based methods to collect high-quality data. We provided a structured framework to derive the right insights from customer data, and we gave precise, quantified answers to our client’s “what-if” questions.

Advanced Analytics Experience

Senior experts provided design recommendations and market simulator walkthroughs. GLG brought more than 15 years of choice modeling experience across sectors.

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