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A global talent platform company implemented an organization-wide effort to restructure and verticalize their sales team to meet the demands of the post-COVID workplace. To ensure their sales team would effectively support their clients under the new structure, the company wanted to understand the demands within each vertical.

The GLG Approach

GLG ran a total of eight focus groups globally to learn about the hiring goals, behaviors, and expectations of target decision makers. Each session featured four talent acquisition leaders from our network of experts, operating in representative B2B industries, to help uncover ways the company could better meet their needs.

Each focus group was blinded and recorded, allowing employees across the organization to listen and read the transcript for a first-hand look of the findings.


Our in-house research team helped ensure the session goals were clear and delivered the client key findings to understand each vertical. The results informed the organization on a global scale, providing overarching themes, terms, and language across each vertical, current industry challenges, and insights into how to be a better business partner.

Why GLG?

Using GLG Qualitative’s virtual focus groups, our client obtained direct feedback and insights from their desired audience across various B2B industries. It helped them become better thought partners for their clients and equipped them with key information needed to support the shift to their new global structure.

Experienced Research Team:

GLG sourced project leads with deep research experience to run a total of eight virtual focus groups across six markets, tapping into GLG’s diverse offerings and expert network. GLG provided the client with a full-service approach — supplying a moderator or local language translator, building out discussion guides, and compiling a detailed report of results for each focus group.


GLG contacted HR decision makers from enterprise organizations that operate in representative B2B industries, including finance, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, logistics, consumer goods, and healthcare.

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