Assessing Retail Mortgage Market to Refine a Go-to-Market Plan

Gain Broad Industry Perspectives and Practical Market-Entry Recommendations through Expert-Led Research


A leading global information technology solution and service provider wanted to improve its understanding of the retail mortgage space in one of the European markets. They wanted regulatory, digitization, operational process, and value chain perspectives, to ascertain key action steps that would position itself in the segment as a preferred technology partner.

The GLG Approach

GLG identified an expert well versed in the European banking space; to provide a comprehensive analysis of the market across various dimensions. With support from six other subject matter experts with experiences at leading European banks recruited from GLG’s network of more than 900,000 Network Members, he researched and compiled a report covering critical aspects of the retail mortgage industry in the said market, with insights into the value proposition and unique selling proposition of leading players and recommendations for market entry.


The 52-page report provided a comprehensive analysis of the retail mortgage industry in one of the European markets, while giving recommendations related to the next-gen technology requirements of the top banks and how the client could act as a thought partner to become its preferred system integrator. Based on this report, the client refined its approach and go-to-market plan.

Why GLG?

GLG’s expert findings provided an overview of the retail mortgage market across the critical dimensions and achieved the client’s objective of obtaining targeted insights along with critical success factors to develop a go-to-market plan.

Best-in-Class Leadership

The engagement was led by a retail mortgage veteran who covered credit services at major global banks with specific understanding of the European retail mortgage market strategy.

Custom Recruiting

GLG engaged experts who combined retail mortgage banking knowledge and strategic industry expertise.

Project Depth

GLG also recruited six experts with experiences in the retail mortgage industry in Europe with different expertise to form the team that compiled the report.

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