What Is an Expert Witness?

What Is an Expert Witness?

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When it comes to lawsuits, every step is crucial in determining the outcome of a case, from the filing to the actual trial.

A vital part of litigation can include finding an expert witness. An attorney hires an expert witness to provide specific information and testimony in their areas of expertise that can help sway the court’s decision. This article explains what an expert witness is, their importance to litigation, and how to find one for your case.

What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone with specialized knowledge or experience in a particular field who can provide testimony regarding the fact pattern of the case. This could include anything from an engineer testifying about the cause of a car accident to a doctor testifying about the long-term effects of a particular medication.

An expert witness is brought in to offer their professional opinion. They can testify for either the plaintiff or defendant, and their testimony can be valuable in helping to prove or disprove a specific claim. An expert witness is not required to be impartial; their sole purpose is to offer their professional opinion on the case.

If you are working on a case that would benefit from the testimony of an expert witness, you should start your search early to find someone who is qualified and whom you can trust.

How Can Expert Witnesses Help in Litigation?

While not every trial requires an expert witness, they can be incredibly helpful in complex cases where technical information needs to be considered. In these instances, an expert witness can simplify the information and make it easier for the jury to understand.

For example, if you are litigating a case involving a car accident, you may need to source an expert who can testify about the cause of the accident. This could be an engineer familiar with the type of car involved in the accident or a mechanic who can inspect the vehicle to determine what went wrong.

In addition to testifying about the case’s fact pattern, experts can also offer their opinion on the case’s outcome. This opinion can be incredibly helpful in persuading the jury to rule in your favor.

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