eBook | The Road Ahead for Electric Vehicles

eBook | The Road Ahead for Electric Vehicles

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Signs continue to grow that electric vehicles (EVs) will outnumber combustion engine vehicles sooner than we might think.

Mercedes-Benz plans to become all electric by the end of the decade, and Hyundai plans to double its portfolio of fuel cell vehicles from three to six within two years. The Chinese auto manufacturer BYD sold 40,116 EVs in June of 2021, 207% more than a year ago, setting a new monthly record. The European Union has proposed phasing out new gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. The times, indeed, are changing.

In GLG’s ebook, The Road Ahead for Electric Vehicles: Survey and Perspectives, we compile a handful of complementary and deeply informed perspectives on the current EV market. The following is a sample of the articles we adapted from longer EV events we’ve produced:

The first article — Are Electric Vehicles on the Cusp of Mass Adoption in APAC? — explores the factors driving the EV market in Asia-Pacific. Featuring GLG Network Members with experience at LG Chem Power, CATL, and Volkswagen, the article reveals the Five Golden Rules of Electrification.

How Electric Vehicle Battery Prices Can Fall in the Coming Decade breaks down the pros and cons of different fuel cell formats. Batteries are the most expensive component in EVs, a fact that greatly impacts profitability for automakers.

In Winners in the Race to Electric Vehicles, we look at the characteristics of the best EV manufacturers. What should be done to gain an advantage in this rapidly changing market? What does the marketplace want and how are its participants providing it?

This ebook also takes a deep dive into Tesla and the launch of its “Cybertruck,” the market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and EV battery recycling.

Over the last few years and months, GLG has seen increased interest in EVs across the globe. To keep our clients apprised, we will continue to feature our Network Members in webcasts, roundtables, panel discussions, and teleconferences to provide insight into the complex EV market and its global, wide ranging impact.


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