Ebook: Election 2020: Insights and Perspectives

Ebook: Election 2020: Insights and Perspectives

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Presidential elections are always consequential. Democrats and Republicans have significant differences in their governing philosophy and vision, which in turn impact many facets of life, including social, cultural, economic, and political aspects. With the country reeling from a global pandemic, civil unrest, millions unemployed, and an economic contraction without precedent, much is on the line in November 2020.

At GLG, we know that insight comes from both sides of the aisle. In the run-up to the election, we have and will continue to organize numerous teleconferences, webcasts, and roundtables illuminating both Republican and Democrat perspectives. This eBook compiles what we’ve done so far.

In our new ebook, Election 2020: Insights and Perspectives, you will find the perspective of six different experts, all of whom shared their unique take on the 2020 election:

  • Robby Mook, former Presidential Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton, who discusses the challenges of voting during a pandemic, the threat of voter disenfranchisement, and whether Biden’s health is a real factor in the election.
  • David Plouffe, former Presidential Campaign Manager for Barack Obama, who discusses the strategies behind running a successful campaign, how Biden can maintain his lead, and how campaigns evolve as it comes closer to Election Day.
  • Matthew Butler, former Chief of Staff at the Democratic National Committee, who shares why he thinks that Biden is in a good position to win the presidency, state-by-state polls, fundraising, and what looks to be Biden’s key policies if he is elected.
  • Tyler Brown, former Director of Digital Strategy at the Republican National Committee, who talks about digital campaigns, the difference between conventional and digital media, and his evaluation of each camp’s digital efforts so far.
  • Scott Jennings, former Senior Advisor for the Jeb Bush for President Campaign, who talks about the pros and cons of mail-in voting, the Republican Party platform, and how the conversations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing economic recession, and ongoing civic unrest will evolve as we get closer to November.
  • David Mason, former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, who discusses the logistics of mail-in voting vs. in-person, government regulations and litigation possibilities, and expectations about how quickly we might see a final result and what that might mean.

No matter who wins in November, reverberations will last a long time. The issues we’re facing now — COVID-19, racial injustice, national security, and economic opportunity — will evolve but likely take different paths depending upon the victorious party.

Download the Ebook,
Election 2020: Insights and Perspectives

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Andrew Gordon is a Senior Vice President at GLG where he oversees the production of content related to macroeconomic, geopolitical, and credit markets. At GLG, Andrew also co-founded a research practice focused on legal, regulatory, and political issues, and developed a service model for event-driven investors. Prior to GLG, Andrew worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. in its Equities Division and practiced securities litigation in New Jersey. Andrew holds his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, his J.D. from Boston University, and his M.B.A. from Columbia University.

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