With so many potential pitfalls in the world of survey sample fulfillment, including professional survey-takers, technologies to circumvent cleaning protocols, and unengaged or inattentive respondents, it is important to leverage trusted sample partners and implement quality checks that ensures your data is reliable and actionable. Please join GLG as we discuss a multi-dimensional approach to ensure a trustworthy sample that fuels your business decisions.

Key Topics:

  • How to select a reputable sample vendor and the questions you should be asking
  • What types of checkpoints and design elements should be included in a survey
  • How to use a combination of automatic checks and human oversight to clean up data

After joining this session, you will come away with fresh ideas around building quality samples in your surveys, how you can (and should) be challenging research partners to implement better protocols, and what types of in-survey and post-field checks to consider for high quality outcomes.

Brett Simpson

Vice President of Research Insights at GLG

Brett Simpson is Vice President of Research Insights at GLG, leading a team of market researchers who scope and execute top-notch survey research, qualitative solutions, and consulting services to technology, industrials, and healthcare clients. With 20 years of research experience, Brett has focused on building partnerships with clients to diagnose their needs, develop the right research solution, and build teams and solutions that deliver high-quality and impactful research outcomes.


Please note, Brett Simpson will not discuss GLG client work. He will decline to answer questions related to confidential matters.

Additionally, this event will be recorded and a replay made available. Attendees who ask questions or make comments will not be identified (either by name or affiliation). If you have further questions, please contact your GLG representative.


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