GLG welcomes you to Tackle It In 20, a series of 20 minute Webcasts for business decision makers to refresh their customer insights and research skills.

Bernd Grosserohde | Director, Strategic Solutions at GLG
Alexandre Trad | Senior Associate, Strategic Solutions at GLG

Today’s competitive landscape is constantly evolving. Advanced technologies, namely Conversational AI, change who is and is not seen as a competent provider of solutions. Changes in customer needs stemming from innovation and regulatory requirements such as ESG have meant companies need to adapt their offerings and business models. The preferences, expectations and goals of corporate customers are transforming, and it is crucial for B2B businesses to keep track of these changes. Understanding what your competitors are doing right or wrong is a crucial step in establishing your place in a dynamic market.

In this Tackle It In 20, we will introduce the basics of competitive edge analysis:

  • How to plan and scope a customer centric competitive analysis
  • Elements of performance: power in the market and power in the mind
  • Examples of a growth-oriented analysis of market gaps: price positionings and white space opportunities


Please note, this Webcast will be recorded and a replay made available. Attendees who ask questions or make comments will not be identified (either by name or affiliation).

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