Get quantified insight into what your customers consider valuable

GLG’s methodology creates hypothetical future product and price scenarios. The trade-offs customers make in these situations reveal what really matters to them, the features they value most, and the prices they are willing to pay.

Win and retain customers with added-value solutions

Survey insights help you understand what benefits, features, and service levels constitute added value for a prospect or customer.

Monetise solutions based on customers’ willingness to pay

Market simulations show what prices customers accept and how price changes will impact product success.

Why GLG: advanced research expertise

GLG not only connects you with the right target audiences, but you also benefit from our team of conjoint and choice modelling experts. With more than 50 conjoint surveys per year, GLG Research is the ideal partner for advanced B2B pricing research.

Understand How GLG Can Help You…

How Can GLG Help You Create Value?

GLG value-based pricing research helps you create and capture value at every stage of the product life cycle, from initial pricing research to product innovation and optimisation.

Product Optimisation

See how GLG helped a B2B e-commerce platform test new features and service packages with existing and potential new customers, by delivering a decision support tool that allowed the client to simulate current and hypothetical new service and price scenarios.  

Value-Based Pricing Methodology

GLG leverages conjoint analysis and discrete choice methods to help drive the value of B2B products. The survey-based method breaks a product into its components or features, then tests consumer preferences for various combinations of those components.




Value-Based Pricing Challenges

Customer-Centric Research Strategies


Customer Insight should be at the heart of your product development and pricing strategies. But what’s the best way to obtain this insight? Watch our on-demand video to find out and light your path forward!


What Is Conjoint Analysis?


GLG uses conjoint analysis to help customers create value in their B2B products and services. Learn why this tool is considered one of the most versatile methods in market research today.


The Challenge of Value-Based Pricing


Check out our article for more information on the value-based pricing methodologies we use to drive value creation.

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