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How does GLG help Law Firms?

GLG is The World’s Insight Network, bringing decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead by connecting them with leading subject-matter experts. Our experts serve as Expert Witnesses to support lawyers with litigation, and help firms grow their practice with Expert Calls.

GLG Insights

GLG’s articles and eBooks are drawn from the insight of the best and brightest, our approximately 1 million Network Members, who include thought leaders across every major sector and geography. You’ll also find research best practices from our internal teams as well as Spotlights on how we’ve helped companies like yours get the clarity to act with confidence.


Why Use an Expert Witness Search Firm?

Litigators face several challenges when searching for the right expert witnesses to support their cases. They are tasked with finding individuals with well-matched expertise, identifying potential conflicts of interest, balancing…
Anesthesiology Expert Witness


Finding an Anesthesiology Expert Witness

Anesthesiology expert witnesses can provide valuable insights in litigation involving the standard of care for anesthesia administration during surgery, managing pain, and monitoring patients during procedures. Here are some tips…
ERP Software Industry


ERP Software Industry Outlook

Amid rapid technological evolution, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry is grappling with new challenges and opportunities. To better understand the current state of the ERP software industry and how…


Finding a Neurology Expert Witness

Neurology expert witnesses can bring specialized knowledge on brain injuries, nerve damage, and other disorders to litigation. This guide provides an overview of working with neurology expert witnesses, a list…


Finding an Economic Damages Expert Witness

Working with economic damages expert witnesses can be crucial in legal proceedings involving financial claims. These professionals play a vital role in quantifying and presenting economic losses incurred by individuals…


Finding an Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) Ex…

Working with obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) expert witnesses can be crucial in cases related to women’s health, childbirth, and pregnancy. These experts can provide specialized knowledge and opinions to help…

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