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How does GLG help Law Firms?

GLG is The World’s Insight Network, bringing decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead by connecting them with leading subject-matter experts. Our experts serve as Expert Witnesses to support lawyers with litigation, and help firms grow their practice with Expert Calls.

GLG Insights

GLG’s articles and eBooks are drawn from the insight of the best and brightest, our approximately 1 million Network Members, who include thought leaders across every major sector and geography. You’ll also find research best practices from our internal teams as well as Spotlights on how we’ve helped companies like yours get the clarity to act with confidence.


Finding an Emergency Medicine Expert Witness

Emergency medicine expert witnesses can provide valuable insights in litigation involving emergency room procedures and treatments for urgent, often life-threatening injuries or ailments. Here are some tips for finding and…


Combating Retail Shrinkage and Theft

The battle against shrinkage, when a store has fewer items in stock than its recorded inventory, is an ongoing struggle in the retail sector, and its complexities are evolving alongside…


How to Effectively Conduct an Expert Interview

What is an Expert Interview?  An expert interview is a qualitative research method to help gather in-depth insights and knowledge from individuals with specialized expertise and authority in a specific…


Finding an SEO Expert Witness

Legal cases involving online businesses, intellectual property disputes, and digital marketing often require specialized expertise to navigate complex issues surrounding search engine optimization (SEO). SEO expert witnesses play a crucial…


Saudi Arabia Tourism Industry

Tourism plays a pivotal role as an engine driving Saudi’s post-oil economy, serving as a key pillar of its 2030 Vision. And the Kingdom is well on track, having recently…


Digital Health Platforms Buy and Build

The concept of connected care has created integrated platforms that house software-based products, offerings and services related to healthcare. The aim is to keep people healthy through predictive diagnoses, to…

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