GLG’s Lab Stakeholder Population Is Unmatched

GLG’s leading network of KOLs, healthcare practitioners, and lab professionals around the world are matched with clients in the medical space and beyond to drive better decision making when faced with complex healthcare delivery challenges and investment decisions.

70% of Healthcare Decisions Rely on a Lab*

Lab-based professionals play a critical role in advancing scientific knowledge and developing new technologies. Understanding their point of view is the fastest, most direct way to answer pressing questions around product development, go-to-market research, long-term customer need, and market dynamics.

Our lab population includes clinical and nonclinical professionals with a diversity of perspectives. GLG sources and connects clients with lab professionals to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research to provide answers and inform strategic decisions.

*According to the CDC

How a Lab-Based Expert Can Help

Depending on your specific needs and goals, speaking with lab-based professionals can help you:

Discuss new technology innovations

Lab-based professionals at the forefront of developing new technologies and innovations in their field can provide insight into emerging trends and best practices.

Identify or validate unmet needs

Based on their lab experience, lab-based professionals can provide feedback on the largest and most common pain points when performing various laboratory workflows, techniques, testing, and analytics.

Receive feedback on new concepts or workflows

Lab-based experts can provide perspective on which concept(s) they believe most valuable and offer the best solution to address a particular pain point and/or inefficiency.

Our Work

Our network of lab-based professionals represents a wide range of knowledge and experience across all facets of laboratory research and production. Scientist, laboratory managers, laboratory directors, technicians, and process development experts with backgrounds in hospitals, reference laboratories, CDMOs, pharmaceutical/biotech organizations, and/or CROs are just a few examples of experts from our network who have provided the vital insights our clients need to make critical business decisions. Recent topics these members have discussed include:

Clinical Tools & Diagnostics Studies:
  • Immunoassay Kit Market Assessment
  • Digital Pathology
  • Trends in Life Science Tools
  • Co-Creation Lab Personnel
  • Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) Pricing Landscape
  • Clinical Development Business Awareness
  • Feature Prioritization for Laboratory Imaging Equipment
  • NGS Testing and Sample Processing
  • Automated Sample Preparation Workflows and Technologies
  • Integrated Data Partnerships
Biopharm Production & Translational Research Studies:
  • Viral Clearance Landscape Assessment
  • Bioprocessing Customer Feedback
  • Small-Scale Mixer Willingness to Pay
  • Lab Purchasing Equipment
  • Hydrocarbon Voice of Customer
  • Tandem Quas Mass Spectrometry (TANDEM MS)
  • Urinalysis Strips
  • Viral Vector Purchasing Trends
  • Analytics Workflows in Process Development
  • Autosampling and Spectroscopic Tools
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