GLG In-Person Event COVID Guidelines

GLG is adhering to all prescribed venue guidelines to ensure this event remains safe to attend.

In the interest of safety for all in the GLG community, GLG is reminding all participants at a GLG event of the risks presented by travel and in-person contact during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To this end, by attending our event, you confirm you have not:

  • In the preceding 14 days of the interaction:
    1. tested positive for COVID-19 or been presumed positive;
    2. been exposed to anyone known to be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19; OR
    3. resided in, or traveled to or made a stop in, a state, country or other region that requires self-quarantine or self-isolation in the person’s home location or location of the interaction; OR
  • In the preceding 48 hours of the interaction, experienced symptoms of COVID-19, influenza, common cold or other respiratory illness, or been exposed to someone who is currently experiencing the same.

You further agree to comply with any laws, regulations, orders, and directives and use reasonable care to prevent transmission as applicable to travel and in-person interactions, including without limitation social distancing guidelines, use of required face coverings, and any other restrictions applicable.

If you don’t meet the above expectations in connection with the planned in person attendance of this event, or if you no longer feel comfortable attending the event, you shall contact GLG and let them know and decline the invitation.