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Consumer Goods & Services

  • Alternative Meat – New! | Understanding the growth of the sector in the US and Europe
  • Holiday Parks – New! | Exploring the outlook of the European holiday parks industry
  • GLG Tracker: Hotel Operators IV (upcoming) – New! | Fourth wave of the longitudinal study reviewing the impact of the pandemic on hotels across Europe and the US (following the third survey published in April 2021, second survey in November 2020 and first survey in May 2020)
  • Meal Kit Market – New! | Analysing the trends and projections in the US and Europe
  • New and Used Car Platforms (upcoming) – New! | What platforms do car dealers across Europe prefer to use?
  • Alcoholic Beverages | Assessing the market demand and sales forecast for the summer
  • Beauty Product Retailers | What are the latest trends for beauty products in the US and Europe?
  • GLG Tracker: Car Rental II | Understanding the COVID-19 impact on the market (following the first survey published in August 2020)
  • Cinema Landlords | Examining the COVID-19 impact on the cinema industry
  • GLG Tracker: Consumer Travels – OTA and Metasearch III | How are consumers booking trips for the following months? (following second survey published in December 2020)
  • Gambling Consumers | How will further regulations impact the sector?
  • K12 Education + Event | Competitive landscape and dynamics of premium and bilingual education school providers
  • GLG Tracker: Luxury Product Retailers II | Impact of COVID-19 on the luxury clothing industry across US, Europe and China (following first survey published in October 2020)
  • Private Higher Education | Exploring the impact of the pandemic on the market and its potential outlook for 2021 and beyond
  • GLG Tracker: UK Hospitality/ UK Pubs III | How have UK Restaurants and Pubs been impacted by COVID-19?

Energy & Industrials

  • GLG Tracker: Airport Ground Handling III (upcoming) – New! | Third survey on impact of COVID-19 on WFS, Swissport, dnata, Menzies Aviation and competitors (following the first survey published in June 2020 and second in February 2021)
  • E-mobility (upcoming) – New! | How prepared are Oil and Gas companies as well as Auto OEMs for the EV revolution?
  • Coal Phase-Out – New! | Discussing the organisations, investment and market implications of coal-phase out
  • Petrochemical – New! | Demand and projection of the industry
  • Trainline (upcoming) – New! | Understanding the potential for Trainline within the wider UK railway ticketing space
  • Testing, Inspection and Certification (upcoming) – New! | A competitive landscape overview of the companies operating in this industry
  • GLG Tracker: Aircraft Leasing III + Event | Third survey on impact of COVID-19 on the aircraft and airline industry (following the first survey published in September 2020 and second survey in March 2021)
  • GLG Tracker: Batteries Market Overview II | Understanding the latest innovation of lithium-ion batteries (following the first survey published in December 2020)
  • GLG Tracker: Elevator Market II | Understanding the current demand trends and impact of COVID-19 (following the first survey published in January 2021)
  • GLG Tracker: European Refineries II | The latest update on refineries in Europe (following the first survey published in December 2020)
  • Geophysical Services | Understanding the current trends and potential outlook following the impact of COVID-19
  • GLG Tracker: Hydrogen II + Event | Future of hydrogen as fuel replacement for green initiatives? (following the first survey published in December 2020)
  • Satellite Industry | Discussing the market from a sector and geographic perspective

Legal, Economic & Regulatory Affairs

  • GLG Tracker: Brexit Overview II + Event | Second survey aiming to understand the impact of Brexit on UK businesses and expectations going forward following the exit from the EU. Following first survey published in March 2021
  • GLG Tracker: Geopolitics + Event | Understanding the main geopolitical issues around the globe


  • Dental Aligners (upcoming) – New! | How do orthodontists and dental surgeons assess the key players for dental aligners in this space?
  • Intraocular Lenses + Event – New! | A competitive assessment for IOLs and developing IOLs
  • Medtech (upcoming) – New! | What are the market trends for medical devices from the manufacturers’ perspective?
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution | Overview of vaccination programmes in Europe and the US
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake + Event | Discovering virologists’ perception of efficacy and safety of different vaccines
  • Generics Market Overview | Assessing the COVID-19 impact on the sector
  • IVF Clinics + Event | Understanding the demand trends and impact of COVID-19 on IVF clinics, public and private hospitals/ practices) across the US and Europe
  • Pharmaceutical CDMOs | Assessing the impact of COVID-19 and outlook for 2021 from the view of pharmaceutical companies currently outsourcing to CDMOs
  • Single-Use Endoscopes + Event | Gastroentrologists’ views on single-use endoscopes
  • UK Dental Chains | Exploring the dental clinic sector and their views on consolidation trends
  • GLG Tracker: US Hospitals II | Overview of COVID-19 impact on US Hospitals (following the first survey published in April 2020)

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • CRM-BPO Customers – New! | Customer perspective of CRM/BPO suppliers
  • Semiconductors (upcoming) – New! | Reviewing the semiconductor supply chain
  • Advertising Platforms | Overview of marketing trends on social platforms
  • Cybersecurity + Event | A competitive landscape assessment from a reseller perspective
  • EdTech + Event | Overview of how COVID-19 has changed educational technology in the US, Europe and MENA region
  • ERP Value Added Resellers | Understanding sales trends and preferred packages from vendors’ perspective
  • RPA Customers | Discussing Robotic Process Automation from a customer perspective

Financial Business Services

  • Corporate Back to Office + Event – New! | How are companies planning to bring back their employees into the office and what precaution measurements are they taking?
  • ESG Investment + Event – New! | An overview of trends and developments in this investment field
  • GLG Tracker: Non-performing Loans II | Evaluating the demand for NPLs within the COVID-19 landscape
  • SPACs + Event | Overview of trends within the European region and how investors and sponsors view this form of investment

Real Estate

  • GLG Tracker: High Street Retail and Commercial Prime II + Event | Impact of COVID-19 on high street retail and commercial prime office rentals (following first survey published in September 2020)


GLG Tracker: Car Rentals II – New! 

What will you learn from this survey?

  • 50 US and European executives working for car hire companies discussed the latest trends in leisure and corporate car rental volumes post COVID-19.
  • These respondents provided insights into fleet management, including used-car values and purchasing intentions for the rest of the year.
  • The research also looked into car hire executives’ views on critical industry trends, including technology and future areas of growth in mobility.

GLG Tracker: Non-performing Loans II – New!

What will you learn from this survey?

  • 30 current bank directors in Spain and Italy provided insight into the NPL market including current trends in acquisition, pricing and regulations.
  • The survey investigated the impact COVID-19 has had on the market as well as both short- and long-term trends likely to persist after the pandemic.
  • Additionally, the survey explored the impact of COVID-19 on operations.




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