Understand the Impact of Your Message

What makes a good message? To craft the best message and help deliver your intended business outcome, you want to align with your customer needs and brand values to effectively reach your desired audience.

Is the message clear and easy to understand? ​Is it compelling? How do key audiences react?​ Is the message likely to lead to strong business impact?

GLG’s data-driven approach helps you develop messaging, measure its performance, and enhance it with clarity and confidence.

Leverage GLG to Develop Your Message

Research Methodologies

GLG’s trusted qualitative and quantitative solutions provide insights to develop and optimize your product communication strategy. Our research team solves your key questions using streamlined or custom surveys, focus groups, online discussion boards, and more.

GLG’s Insight Network

If you are looking at language for a new product launch, refining messaging for brands in-market, or seeking to understand how customers perceive different value propositions, our team provides an entirely tailored approach, using a hypertargeted approach to source B2B panelists from our network of approximately 1 million experts and designing each project to align with your business needs.

Benchmark Results

To assess message performance, we provide you with detailed and actionable insights with each project to help you benchmark how your message resonated with your target audience.

How to Position a New Product

Case Study

GLG helped a global tech company’s customer insights and product teams determine whether to message their offering as a unified platform or as a best-in-class solution suite.

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Focus Group Best Practices


Looking to hone your message? GLG assists clients in choosing a desired research method and the needs required to inform it.

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