Understanding the Use of a Drug in Infectious Fungal Disease (IFD) Management

U.S.-based Survey for Insight into Improvements in Excipients


An Indian pharmaceutical company wanted to develop a case for how other excipients can enhance absorption and reduce the side effects of a certain medication. They sought to achieve this by understanding how IFD is managed for groups of patients with specific medical conditions.

The GLG Solution

GLG facilitated a survey of 20 key opinion leaders in the U.S. about managing IFD in specific groups of patients. Seven oncologists, seven IFD specialists, and six hematologists were invited to share their insights on the use, benefits, and gaps of prescribing the drug.


The experts’ insights helped the client better understand the reasons behind their preference in prescribing the antifungal medication. The synthesized report also highlighted nuances surrounding excipients, which the client used to develop a case for how other excipients can help enhance absorption and reduce side effects.

Why GLG?

GLG facilitated a KOL survey for a pharmaceutical client to help them understand the trends in current IFD management in the U.S. for improvements in the formulation of an antifungal drug.

Depth of Network

GLG has the largest and most extensive panel of experts across the globe, allowing access to the most targeted and relevant KOLs in the U.S. managing IFD.

Custom Recruiting

The KOLs included seven IFD specialists, seven oncologists, and six hematologists who were selected through a detailed set of screeners, ensuring the strength of their insights. Two of them had published studies pertaining to the use of the drug in question.

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