Surveying for Insight into ESG Operating Models

Understanding Organizational Frameworks in the Middle East


A consulting team was helping a client research organizational frameworks for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). They wanted to better understand how companies based in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain plan to, or currently, embed ESG into their operating models. They needed to gather data on big-picture success factors and the pain points that companies face in achieving their ESG ambitions.

The GLG Approach

The client team wanted to survey a large sample from across industries and countries to get the deepest insight. GLG recruited 100 executives and business leaders managing sustainability departments across industries including advanced manufacturing and services, natural resources, industrials, consumer packaged goods, consumer retail, tech media and telecom, healthcare, and financial services. GLG facilitated the survey with end-to-end completion in 10 days.


The client gained an understanding of how organizations across the Middle East  implement and adhere to ESG framework based on their 100 survey respondents. They segmented responses by company size, sector, and country to identify trends and opportunities.

Upon completion, the client highlighted a “really good” first experience. They received everything they wanted out of the survey and had no suggested areas of improvement from this experience.

Why GLG?

A consulting firm used a quantitative survey to connect with sustainability leaders to understand how companies based in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain embed ESG into their operating models.

Project Breadth

100 sustainability leaders took part in the survey. End-to-end survey completion in 10 days.

Precise Matches

The client needed insights from at least 100 ESG executives and leaders across the MENA region covering various industries. GLG and its partners tapped into their networks to precisely match the expertise required and delivered the desired number of respondents to give the client a well-rounded perspective.

Dynamic Format

The survey was conducted online and through CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) facilitated by GLG to get the client real-time, collaborative insights within stipulated timelines and budget.

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