In-Depth Consultation on U.K. Payments Operation

Appointing a Senior Advisor in Payments and Cash Management


An Indian multinational IT company came to GLG seeking an urgent engagement with a senior payment expert in the U.K. They wanted to gain insight into payments operations in the country with respect to payables, receivables, billing, and pricing.

The GLG Solution

The project came with strict timelines, but GLG met them and quickly short-listed five Network Member experts for this advisory role. Out of the five, the client chose a former head of revenue management with more than 25 years of experience delivering billing and pricing projects for payments and cash management across 52 countries.

After an initial consultation with GLG’s Network Member, the client moved forward with their help through a 15-hour engagement over one month.


Armed with deep insights into the space, the client felt confident about their understanding of operating models, industry trends, and leading players in the market, as well as the payments and operations domain.

Why GLG?

GLG identified an expert who helped an IT service multinational client gain an in-depth understanding of the payments operation space in the U.K.

Precise Match

GLG connects clients with experts across nearly every industry, matching them with the right mind and the right experience for their needs, including the most seasoned professionals in the U.K. payments space.

Timely Delivery of Qualitative Insights

GLG is known for its quality of Network Members, with the right minds and the right steps to deliver targeted insights even within a crunched timeline.

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