Fine-Tuning the Go-to-Market Plan for a Medical Device Company

Qualitative Market Research into a Niche Clinical Segment


An APAC medical device company was looking to conduct market research to prepare to confidently go to market in the U.S. by validating customer needs, segmenting the target market, and identifying the right clinical channels. This included assessing pricing strategy, customers’ willingness to pay, and payer options.

The GLG Solution

To obtain the insight the client required, GLG engaged a U.S. based life science consultant with extensive experience advising pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostics clients to design a survey that was fielded to 70 U.S.-based physicians.

Backed by his rich experience, the expert clarified the implications of the survey findings and advised on a broad spectrum of issues including payer issues, patient journey, and physician decision making, per GLG style.


GLG delivered a final report combining both quantitative and qualitative analysis that provided the client with the insight necessary for them to fine-tune their U.S. go-to-market plan.

Why GLG?

With the insight they received from GLG’s survey and analysis from GLG’s Network Member, the client made an informed decision about their U.S. go-to-market plan.

Access to a Niche Population

GLG’s extensive network gave the client access to reach a niche population, ensuring relevant and precise insights.

Expert-Led Qualitative Research

GLG identified the best expert to draft the questionnaire, interpret the data, and facilitate qualitative interviews with physicians currently working in the space, all done within the client’s timeline.

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