Creating Safer, Healthier Homes in Rwanda and Uganda

Putting expertise to work for GLG Social Impact Fellow EarthEnable


EarthEnable installs affordable earthen floors in homes across Rwanda and Uganda, which helps mitigate health issues caused by dirt floors such as asthma, diarrhea, and malnutrition. The underside of EarthEnable’s flooring product had been suffering cracks and erosion at an unusually high rate, and they needed help diagnosing the cause.

The GLG Approach

GLG connected EarthEnable with Abdullah Abdelaal, who has more than a decade of experience in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. GLG sponsored a trip to Rwanda so that Abdullah could spend ten days with the EarthEnable team on the ground. During his visit, Abdullah inspected construction sites, built trenches, deployed plaster tests, and worked in research labs, all in close collaboration with the EarthEnable team.


As a result of the trip, EarthEnable was able to better understand the root causes of the erosion, allowing them to develop solutions for the already impacted floors and prevent deterioration in new installations.

Why GLG?

GLG coordinated logistics for a GLG engineering expert’s travel to Rwanda, where he could be on location to diagnose the problems the client was facing.

Dedicated Servicing Team:

GLG’s team worked with EarthEnable to understand the problem and design a site visit to yield the best solutions.

Best-in-Class Expertise:

Abdullah’s background was a perfect fit, and his willingness to go the extra mile(s) speaks to the quality, caliber, and commitment to social impact of GLG’s experts.

Full Service:

GLG’s team executed all trip logistics for the client, allowing EarthEnable to focus on their work: creating healthy homes for millions

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