GLG welcomes Lars Kroijer to discuss:

  • Understanding free carbon credits in sync with global climate targets
  • Impact of carbon credits on corporates and key challenges
  • Developments in the biodiversity market and regulatory environment laws
  • Long-term impact and outlook for 2024 and beyond

Lars Kroijer
Founder and Managing Director, Allied Crowds Limited

Lars Kroijer is the Founder and Managing Director of Allied Crowds, the parent company of Allied Offsets that works on a database of carbon offset projects around the world. He has authored “Money Mavericks – Confessions of a Hedge Fund Manager” (Financial Times Press – 2010 & 2012 – 2nd edition) and the book “Investing Demystified – How to Invest without Speculation and Sleepless Nights” (Financial Times Press – 2013). He has knowledge of various stakeholders in the voluntary carbon markets and views on metrics used to evaluate and benchmark the various carbon ratings agencies. He also has expert knowledge about different market players, carbon credit pricing and the market size for carbon rating agencies and drivers of adoption and growth.

Please note: Lars Kroijer will not discuss Allied Crowds Limited or any aspect of their respective operations. He may have additional limitations on what he can discuss and will decline to answer questions which are related to confidential matters.

Additionally, this webcast will be recorded. Attendees who ask questions or make comments will not be identified (either by name or affiliation.)




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