Find Your Edge with Expert Network Calls

Connect with industry experts from our network of highly qualified professionals on any topic of interest. Lead the conversation to meet your needs and ask follow-up questions to discover nuances, challenges, and opportunities. A direct exchange with an expert helps you discover what you’re missing and allows you to keep your research for your eyes only.

Expert Call

Get direct insight by connecting with a trusted expert on a one-on-one consultation call.

Translated Call

Add a translator to any one-on-one consultation call with an expert who does not share your first language.

Multi-Party Call

Add additional stakeholders to a phone consultation with an expert.

Private Meeting

Meet with an expert face-to-face at a preferred location or virtually.


Receive a full transcript or audio recording after the call.

Moderated Expert Call

Use a moderator for expert calls so you can remain anonymous and remove any potential bias

Not Ready to Get on the Phone Yet?

The Library connects you to thousands of GLG-generated expert interview transcripts, on-demand webcasts and more across companies, industries, trends, and professional development.

Releasing timely new content daily from highly qualified experts without embargoes, the Library is where our clients go to learn from unbiased sources quickly.

The GLG Difference

Breadth of Expertise

Our expert network of approximately 1 million professionals is augmented by a global team who can identify and recruit the experts who meet your needs.

Precise Matches

We combine the human insight of our team with an AI-driven matching platform to connect you to the right subject matter experts.

Highest Standards

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework allows clients to engage with experts in a trusted environment, supported by dedicated tools, thoughtful protocols, and trained professionals.

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